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Night Beat was a mystery adventure drama broadcast from 1950 to 1952 on NBC. Against a backdrop of the newspaper scene in Chicago, Night Beat featured "Lucky" Randy Stone, excellently portrayed by Frank Lovejoy, as a reporter covering for Chicago Star. The stories were well-written by a group of outstanding writers, Larry Marcus, Russell Hughes, and Jack Neuman. There was a strong supporting cast, orchestra, and good sound effects.

The plots in Night Beat deal with crimes, the common man in trouble, the greedy, the homeless, and the hopeless in the city of Chicago. Each episode is narrated by Lucky Stone as he investigates his leads. Prowling Chicago after sundown, Stone looks for a story "that grabs your heart and shakes it until it hollers uncle." Stone wraps up each story, pounding away on this typewriter and making his closing remarks. In each closing, Randy calls out, "Copy boy!" The story ends and rolls to print, and the newspaper hits the street of Chicago as the sun rises.

There are 76 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Ted Carter Murder Case May 19, 1949
The Juvenile Gangster aka Jimmy And Gus Reed June 26, 1950
A Case of Butter September 25, 1950
The Doctors Daughter October 27, 1950
The Slasher November 10, 1950
Old Home Week September 4, 1950
Wanna Buy a Story September 18, 1950
Gunner's Last Fight August 14, 1950
Judge Arnolds Daughter October 20, 1950
The Black Cat November 3, 1950
Molly Keller July 17, 1950
The Kenny Day Amnesia Case October 6, 1950
Doctor's Secret August 21, 1950
The Hunter Becomes The Hunted September 11, 1950
Inar Pierce And Family October 13, 1950
Old Blind Pop aka The Blind Musician August 7, 1950
City At Your Fingertips aka Star-Crossed Love July 31, 1950
The Devil's Bible July 24, 1950
Twill Be The Death Of Me aka Old King Death July 10, 1950
Marty aka Loraine Adams Execution July 3, 1950
The Girl From Kansas June 5, 1950
Harlan Matthews Stamp Dealer May 29, 1950
A World All Of His Own aka She Who Laughs Last February 20, 1950
The Night Watchman aka The Fire Bug May 15, 1950
Elevator Caper aka Ted Carter Murder May 8, 1950

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